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You’ve been in a car accident…

It wasn’t your fault. You weren’t speeding. You weren’t texting. You weren’t making a risky turn hoping to beat the light.

You were just trying to get your kids to school. Make it to the grocery store. Meet a client to close an important deal.

You were doing what you were supposed to be doing, and out of nowhere, you were crashed into sending your life into a thousand directions.

Now you have pain that you didn’t have before. You have to take off work to make it to doctors’ appointments. Your brand new car has to be repaired, and you know it will never be the same. Not to mention - who wants to buy a car that has been wrecked?

The pain the doctors are working on is not getting better and you are worried it never will.

Will you ever be able to play golf again? Run with your running group? Bend over the bathtub to bathe your kids? Will you be able to take care of your day-to-day tasks or enjoy your hobbies ever again without feeling pain?

The medical bills start to arrive and they are more than you have in savings. Will you have to open a new credit card? Will you have to work extra hours? Will you have to tell your daughter she will not be able to go to dance classes this year because you have to pay for your neck surgery?

The insurance company keeps calling you and asking you to sign papers, but you don’t know what you are signing. They are questioning you about what happened as though it were your fault. They are questioning your pain and doctors’ visits as though you were making it up. They are saying they need papers, documents, etc. before they can make a decision. They are acting like YOU did something wrong and want you to prove that you didn’t before they will pay for anything.

And really, you don’t have time for it! You have a job that you are already missing too much of and family that you are already neglecting as you deal with the mess that you did not create.

You are wondering what the point of paying for insurance all these years was if they won’t let you use it. The worry consumes you. It keeps you up at night. It keeps you from focusing at work. It keeps you from enjoying your family.

You weren’t doing anything wrong, but now you are suffering because of someone else’s mistake. You just want to be whole again. To live like the accident never happened.

I’m Blase Inzina, and I know what you are going through. I’ve been handling car accident cases for 15 years, and I’ve seen the struggles you are facing many times over. It feels like you’ve been tricked by the insurance companies. They told you to buy their insurance in case you were ever in a situation like this. But now that you are, it seems like they don’t want to help you. I’ve been there with my own family and home.

In fact, I spent a lot of my career defending the insurance companies in car accident cases like yours. So I have seen firsthand the ways insurance companies try to settle these cases for as little as possible. I know their tricks and strategies, and I want to use that experience to help you get your life back on track.

You want your life back to what it was before the accident. While nothing can erase what has happened, a fair settlement with the insurance company will go a long way in getting you back on track. Let me and my firm use our experience to fight the insurance companies for you while you focus on recovering.