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A wreck with an over-sized truck occurs about every 15 minutes…

And according to the most recently compiled statistics from 2017, 77% of trucking accidents resulted in an injury or a death.

Injuries in truck crashes also tend to be catastrophic because of the nature of the crash. Simply put, heavy duty trucks (which include city buses, school buses, dump trucks, garbage trucks, fuel trucks, shipping trucks, and 18-wheelers, commonly known as semi-trucks or big rigs) are bigger, heavier, and more physically likely to cause a great deal of damage.

Not surprisingly, in fatal truck crashes, most of deaths were not the truck drivers. In 82% of truck crashes that resulted in a death, the victim was the driver or passenger of the other vehicle.

Misconceptions about trucking accidents

  1. a wreck with an over-sized truck is more common on an interstate or highway

    According to 2017 statistics, 57% of heavy-duty truck crashes occurred in rural areas, whereas 27% occurred on an interstate highway.

  2. 18-WHeelers are dangerous because they are prone to turning over or rolling over

    Only 4% of fatal crashes involving a large truck were started by the vehicle rolling over. However, in 74% of fatal crashes and 81% of injury crashes involving a large truck, collision with another vehicle was the first harmful event.

  3. 18-wheeler wrecks are more common at night

    Only 20-22% of large truck wrecks occur between the hours of 6 p.m. and 6 a.m. These types of wrecks are far more common during daylight hours with the majority occurring between noon and 3 p.m.

  4. heavy-duty truck wrecks are almost always deadly

    Only a small percentage of large truck wrecks result in a fatality, which is still too many. Nonetheless, it is much more common for catastrophic injuries to result from a large truck crash. These types of injuries could be life-changing both physically and emotionally.

  5. any attorney can handle a trucking accident case

    This is technically true. An attorney does not need a special sort of certification to be able to handle a trucking accident case. However, trucking accident cases differ from other injury cases in many ways. Wrecks involving over-sized or heavy duty trucks need to be evaluated by your attorney as quickly as possible to preserve crucial evidence to the case. Experts and accident reconstructionists are often utilized in determining the cause of the crash. Additionally, trucks that are legally considered “large trucks” (weighing over 10,000 pounds), must adhere to a different set of federal standards and laws than other motor vehicles. All of these things are not always a part of a normal car accident case. A personal injury lawyer with experience in handling trucking accidents can be crucial to getting the compensation you deserve from the insurance company.

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    Our goal is to get you the medical treatment you need while our experienced personal injury lawyers handle the insurance companies involved in the truck accident.

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