About Erica

Growing up, if someone asked me what I wanted to be when I was older, I would respond with one of three answers: a mom, a teacher, or a lawyer.

I’m proud to officially call myself two of those things, mom and teacher. And while I will never actually be a lawyer, working with my husband, his colleagues, and his clients is as close as I need to be.

At BIIA, I get to use my love of people by working to make sure our clients have the best experience possible. My goal is to bridge the gap between how our clients hope to be treated and what they actually experience. Whether that is deciphering our attorneys’ “legal-ese” into normal language or learning about problems that affect our clients so that we can help them keep living their best life, I enjoy getting to help make a person’s day better, even if it’s just a little bit.

I want to hear from you! If there is something you can think of that would make your experience working with our attorneys even better, or if you would like to see a helpful video about something that could go wrong and how to avoid it, please just send me a message at erica@blaseinzina.com!