What is Med Pay and Do I Need It?


What can $5 a month get you?

A grande latte? Music streaming with no ads?

How about medical care with no deductible and no questions asked?

Med Pay, or Medical Payment coverage, is an optional extension of your car insurance policy.

Med Pay coverage pays your medical bills quickly after a car accident, even if the accident was your fault.

You are probably thinking, “Isn’t that what health insurance does?”

And the answer is yes, if you have health insurance. But even if you do have health insurance, you may have a high deductible, co-pays, or exclusions like dental care, chiropractic care, pain management, and prosthetics.

That’s where Med Pay can help.  It will pay those bills so you don’t have to. 

Some of the cool things about Med Pay are:

  1. It’s cheap.

    You can typically add Med Pay coverage to your car insurance policy for less than $5 a month. Some Med Pay policies cost more, but they also provide more coverage.

  2. There is no deductible.

    Unlike other insurance plans, you do not have to spend a certain amount of money out of your own pocket before you can use your Med Pay coverage. Your medical bills simply must arise from a car accident (versus an accident in your back yard, at work, etc.).

  3. It covers things that many insurance policies don’t.

    If you get into a car wreck, your health insurance plan will most likely NOT cover dental care that is needed as a result of that accident. If you have dental insurance, it may, but again you may have a high deductible or co-pays that can be costly.

    Med Pay, on the other hand, can be used to pay for that kind of treatment, as well as most other medical treatments or expenses you have as a result of the wreck.

    You can use your Med Pay coverage to pay for chiropractic care, pain management, prescriptions, ambulance services, and so on.

  4. It covers other drivers of your vehicle and passengers.

    If you get into a wreck in your car and someone else is driving, your health insurance will not pay for that person’s medical expenses unless that person is on your health insurance policy. Similarly, it will not cover the people in your car unless they too are on your policy.

    Med Pay, on the other hand, can be used to for the medical expenses of other drivers of your vehicle and passengers, even if they are not related to you or on your policy.  

  5. It can be used for funeral costs.

    Hopefully this is not something you need following an accident, but it can be a costly expense on top of what would already be a tragedy.

It’s important to know that Med Pay isn’t intended to replace health insurance. But for just a few dollars a month, it can cover some of what health insurance doesn’t, whether you have health insurance or not.