Car Accidents


Watch the video below to learn symptoms you should never ignore after a car crash…


IF YOU’Re in a car accident…

You may try to act like it was not that big of a deal so that you don’t worry or inconvenience other people. Men especially tend to try to be “macho” so as not to appear weak. And women, who are typically the caregivers, are often more apt to take care of other people than to burden them with their troubles.

Sometimes, you may not even realize you are injured after an accident at all. This is due in part to your body’s natural fight or flight response. This is an instinct of your body to release adrenaline and other hormones following a traumatic event in order to give you the energy needed to escape the danger. Of course this instinct dates back to times when people were more likely to be run over by a herd of a buffalo than a human sending a text message in Toyota Camry.

Nonetheless, it is that natural response to danger that gives you a burst of energy which could mask pain symptoms altogether.

It is also very common for pain symptoms to take days, weeks, or in some cases months to appear. Chiropractor Dr. Scott Clark relates it to working out for the first time in a while. You would likely feel pretty good that first day but find yourself unable to bend enough to reach the toilet seat the next day. And the day after that…well…we all know how that goes.

But whether they appear immediately or several days later, here are some common symptoms you should never ignore following a car accident:

  • Headaches

  • Neck, shoulder or back pain

  • Abdominal pain

  • Numbness and bruising

  • Emotional distress

All of these symptoms could be signs of a serious underlying issue like a concussion, brain injury, spine injury, or even internal bleeding.

After a car accident, you should see a doctor as soon as possible, and be sure to report these and any other symptoms you are feeling. The faster you start treatment, the better your recovery odds.